Solid State H.F.
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Finished Products

Finished Products

 Aluminum special induction heating equipment
The equipment consists of a rectifier cabinet, inverter cabinets, mainly for aluminum (tube) production line.

How it works:

Using IGBT element PWM pulse modulation voltage regulation power,  and then into the inverter bridge (using high-power transistor MOSFET)  into a high-frequency current, this high-frequency current is supplied  to the load of the tank can be used for induction heating.

Inverter  power unit tank modular structure, each of the power unit can output  power 50KW or more, different equipment power, the number of the power  unit is different, and the device regardless of size, the same basic  structure. Tank hybrid resonance for the string and form, there is no high voltage, no output transformer.

◎ The main advantage of this device:

1. No pressure, safe, reliable and efficient.

2. The main components are imported company products, such as: IR, IXYS and Siemens.

3. The use of pulse width modulation voltage regulator circuit, regulating stability, high accuracy, low harmonic interference.

The power range of 0-100% stepless adjustable, with overvoltage, overcurrent fault protection system.

5. Operating status display simple digital operation, easy maintenance.

6. Good quality welding, weld width, heat evenly, less internal and external burrs.

◎ Scope:

Aluminum welding, aluminum welding.

◎ The main technical indicators:

60kW Solid State High Frequency Main Specifications: Model: GGP60-0.6-H

Application Operating parameters Power supply requirements
Diameter 6-14 Rated power 60KW Supply form 3-Phase four-wire AC line voltage  380 ±5%
Wall thickness 0.25-0.4 Rated DC voltage 240V
Welding Induction welding Rated DC current 300A Power Capacity ≥65KVA
Rated frequency 600KHZ Power Factor ≥0.85
Welding speed 60-100(m) Overall efficiency ≥85% Power cables Plastic copper per phase≥50mm²
Output HF frequency power ≥60KW

Operating Environment

This equipment is designed for indoor installation, should avoid the rain, frost and snow, sun exposure, it should also

meet the following conditions:

1.No more than 1000 meters altitude, too high altitude will reduce the air pressure result in bad cooling effect.

2. Ambient temperature -5 ℃ --- + 40 ℃, (less than 0 ℃ should prevent freeze, result in the cooling pipe

blocked and damaged).

3. Relative air humidity less than 85%.

4. No conductive dust explosion, no gas and steam can rust the metal and damage the insulation.

5. No severe vibration and shock

If does not meet the above-mentioned requirements, the customer should notified our company and we can

consider carefully in the equipment design.