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Annealing machine - high frequency annealing machine application and annealing process
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-07

Frequency  annealing machine induction heating device and resistance heating, oil  heating, gas heating, compared with high efficiency, energy saving,  environmental protection, safety, heating speed, control, and other  advantages, can be widely used in metal heat treatment, through heat,  melting ,  welding, etc., and has penetrated into all areas of industrial  metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemicals, electronics,  transportation, communications, and civil, commercial electromagnetic  induction heating. The  induction heating device using IGBT as power device, DSP fully digital  precise control, in any case to ensure that the IGBT switching in ZCS  state. Its digital phase-locked loop technology to automatically track the resonant frequency, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Detailed frequency annealing machine annealing process is as follows:

The metal was slowly heated to a temperature sufficient to keep time,  and then cooling at an appropriate rate (usually slow cooling, and  sometimes controlled cooling) a metal heat treatment process.

The purpose is to go through casting, forging and rolling, welding or  cutting or workpiece material to soften and improve the ductility and  toughness, so that the chemical composition homogenization, removal of  residual stress, or to obtain the desired physical properties. Annealing process with different purposes and there are many, such  as isothermal annealing, homogenization, ball annealing, stress relief  annealing, recrystallization annealing, as well as stabilizing  annealing, magnetic annealing and so on.

1, metal tools due to heat loss of the original hardness when in use.

2, the metal material or the workpiece is heated to a certain temperature and for a certain time, so that slow cooling. Annealing can reduce metal hardness and brittleness, increased plasticity. Also called annealing.