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Common quenching machine troubleshooting methods
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-07

Use of the machine will inevitably encounter some problems, if we will deal with the small number of simple questions, it will be a lot of convenience, the following quenching machine by our technical staff to explain to everyone about hardening machine encountered some minor problems the responses:01.jpg

 First,  as hardening machine panel without electricity, first check whether the  incoming three phase phenomenon, then check whether the fuse burned  with back multimeter measuring about the main circuit switching  (contactor) and control fuse has power, which would exclude these  elements breaking possibilities.

  Second,  the power AC contactor does not pull not enter into the state, the  solution is to adjust the length of the delay small plate trigger far to  the right. Further hardening equipment provided for overvoltage protection  overvoltage phenomena such as voltage buttons do not close the deal with  the top panel to rotate clockwise adjustable resistance can not be  lifted if the pressure on the counter-clockwise until the overvoltage No  alarm so far.

  Third,  the water temperature alarm phenomenon is generally higher than the  temperature of the water is a real time temperature water temperature  alarm This is usually find ways to reduce the temperature of the water  as continuous amount of water, plus heat removal of the cooling tower. Another  phenomenon is the result of a blockage caused by sea water as three  rectifier bridge boxes, water temperature IGBT blockage caused alarm  box. This phenomenon usually occurs within a few minutes of power  appears to consider the water temperature alarm waterway blockage and  the water temperature alarm problem.

  Fourth,  the simple method of measuring the quenching equipment is blocking IGBT  (1KΩ block) with a multimeter electrical measuring about its cathode -  anode, the gate - cathode resistance, the anode - between the cathode  resistance should be infinite, the gate - cathode resistance should  10-50Ω between, too large or too small are that only thyristor gate fails, it will not be triggered conduction. If you want a more accurate detection of the best of the IGBT unload more accurate amount.

  Fifth,  the detection of quenching transformer: each winding of each  transformer should be through, usually about tens of ohms primary  resistance, sub-polar few ohms. It should be noted, the primary parallel with the load, so its resistance value is zero. Such  as the breakdown of the electric load in parallel, a capacitor  generally grouped installed capacitor rack, check the group should first  determine where the breakdown capacitor. Bus  busbar connection point between the main bus off each group of the  capacitor, measuring the resistance of each group two bus capacitor  between the normal should be infinite indicating insulation transformer  quenching equipment is normal.