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Principle quenching machine work, you know?
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-07

How quenching machine to stabilize long-term work without failures in addition to advanced circuit theory technologies, it belongs to quench the sensor, and shows the importance of sensors in quenching, just as important as the human hand, if there is no longer a strong arm the body is also of no avail.


Here  to explain the sensor production know-how, the sensor turns and high  frequency quenching machine closely, but a good fit between the two  devices work hardening achieve the best results in their full potential  to create more benefits for the user. I  want to get more energy converter in the sensor production, from the  induction coil and the workpiece coupling should be as close as possible  to the greatest possible number of magnetic fluxes through the  workpiece. Spiral  inductor magnetic field lines in the densest part of the internal coil,  thus generating a magnetic coil in the middle of the workpiece  workpiece heat faster. Further sensors during the production process turns the magnetic  field at the connection is very weak, so the magnetic center of the  sensor (axial direction) is not necessarily the geometric center, this  effect is particularly evident in single coil.

Also  at the time of induction hardening machine the workpiece quenching  small diameter to match the frequency of the sensor should be made more  coil turns, because the magnetic flux of each ring have been added to  the original magnetic flux due to this phenomenon, coupled impossible Always  place objects on the center of the coil, the object should be placed  slightly off the area where, try to make a rotating object, in order to  achieve uniform heating, which is why the quenching of the workpiece to  turn up the reason, these are the experience for your reference !