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Hardening machine quenching process which type?
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-07


Quench  cooling method according to different major can be divided into  single-quenching, double quenching, quenching and austempering four  categories, select the cooling method should be based on grades, part  shape and the need to process and many other factors, then quenched Machine Tool quenching process which type?

  ① isothermal hardening: After heating the workpiece, quenched into  transition temperature in the range of lower bainite media inside this  steel, insulation makes it under complete bainite transformation, and  then remove the air cooling.

  ② double quenching: heating the workpiece in the future, first of  all quenched into water or other cooling ability of the medium which is  cooled to about 400 degrees Celsius, the rapid transfer of oil or other  cooling medium inside the cooling capacity is weak.

  ③ quenching: After the workpiece is heated, quenched martensite  temperature is near the media inside, then stay for some time, then  remove the air cooling.

  ④  single solution hardening: After heating the objects using a single  medium for cooling, water and oil are mainly two types of commonly used,  in order to avoid too much deformation and cracking of the workpiece,  the workpiece is best not to cool to room temperature in a medium which,  200-300  degrees Celsius can be oil or water, in the air inside is cooled  single-quenching operation is very simple, can be a lot of applications  in the shape of the workpiece profile, sometimes heating the workpiece  after the first period of stay in the air inside Time,  then quenched quenching medium inside to reduce quenching of the  workpiece when the internal temperature, reducing the tendency of the  workpiece deformation and cracking, which is also called the pre-cooling  quenching.