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High frequency, super audio, intermediate frequency induction heating equipment and other brands and professional choice
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Baoding  days SING Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 is the  development, production, technology, service as one of the operating  entity, specializing in the production of high-frequency, super audio,  intermediate frequency induction heating and other equipment. Since  its inception, has successfully developed a multi-series products,  technical level and variety of leading position, some products have  reached the international advanced level. All  products are computer-controlled, high performance, economical and  practical, the technical indicators are in a leading domestic and  international level. Our  products are widely used in pipe, soldering, melting (casting),  forging, petrochemical, cutlery, metal heat treatment (hardening,  annealing, tempering), and other fields, and fully meet steel weld metal  heat treatment, metal smelting, welding ,  brazing, heat assembly, and other induction heating process  requirements, as the main electronic control equipment Pile PC high  strength steel bars, aluminum pipe, wire and cable, tropical galvanized  steel, hot-rolled, cold-rolled production line. Hot-selling products, some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Western Europe.

The  company has advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and  to develop a scientific management system, so that product quality has  been a reliable guarantee. The company is now exporting CE certification through the ISO9001 quality system certification and the EU. The  company is strong in technology development, adhere to the  "people-oriented, harmonious development" concept, pay attention to  high-quality talent, focus on research and development increased. It  has a number of deep theoretical knowledge, commissioning and  experienced technical staff, unswervingly committed to their long-term R  & D induction heating equipment improvements. In  the solid state induction heating equipment development and application  of automation and control equipment, and other specialized application  areas of expansion, we have accumulated a wealth of practical experience  in independent design and development and engineering. The  company has a sound scientific research and development and process  design capabilities, scrupulous quality assurance system, customer  training systems, and pre-sale service system.