Product Name: Medium Frequency Melting Induction Heating Equipment 

DC power: 50-2000kW Inverter frequency: 1-2.5KHZ Furnace capacity: 20-20—2000kg This equipment is used for smelting, casting and heat preservation of steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. 

Equipment features: 

1. Computer control or large-scale integrated circuit control, with optional grades. 

2. Constant power adjustment reduces the influence of power grid fluctuation and burden change, with stable heating power and fast melting speed. 

3. The inverter angle is automatically adjusted, so that the rectifier bridge can keep full output state as far as possible, reducing reactive power loss and harmonic pollution, with high efficiency and low power consumption. 

4. It has various anti-interference measures for software and hardware, and has various fault detection and protection functions, so that the equipment can work stably for a long time. 

5, zero pressure vibration, high success rate of vibration, safe starting and convenient operation.

 6. Digital display of working status, intuitive and convenient maintenance and inspection. 

7. The equipment works for a long time under the working mode of "it is excited and repaired formally", with small frequency fluctuation and stable work