Product name: induction heating equipment for gem melting

Cold crucible artificial gem (ZrO2), cold crucible Fa Lan gem smelting (Al2O3), MgO smelting, smelting and purification of other metal oxides and metal alloys.
The special equipment for smelting solid high-frequency gemstones adopts cold crucible smelting and crystal pulling process. Solid-state high-frequency power supply adopts unique inverter power regulation technology, which can ensure constant power output control during smelting and crystal pulling. Gem is of high quality, stable process, high efficiency and energy saving, which is an ideal choice to replace the traditional high energy consumption electron tube power supply.
The special equipment for solid-state high-frequency gem smelting adopts AC-DC-AC frequency conversion structure. IGBT component PWM pulse width modulation chopper voltage regulation mode is adopted, and inverter adopts high power MOSFET to form full bridge resonant inverter.
Compared with the three-phase full-control rectifier circuit controlled by thyristor phase shift, it has the following advantages:
1. The power factor of power supply is high, the harmonics are small, and the interference to the power grid is small.
2. The reactive power loss is small, which can reduce the distribution capacity of users and save investment and power consumption.
3. Chopper circuit has high working efficiency, fast response speed of power adjustment and stable output, which can ensure smelting quality.
4. IGBT has self-turn-off capability, which can cut off the power supply in a very short time in case of failure, thus avoiding the damage of inverter devices and playing a better protection role.