Product Name: Medium Frequency Pipe Seam Annealing Induction Heating Equipment

On-line annealing of welds is widely used in the manufacture of petroleum transmission pipes and other high-quality steel pipes.
On-line annealing of steel pipe welds is an advanced process for the production of high-strength steel pipes. By on-line annealing of welds, welding residual stress is eliminated, and the microstructure is improved, so that the welds and their heat affected zones have the same microstructure, toughness and strength properties as the base metal.
Steel pipe induction annealing equipment takes induction heating coil as the main component of continuous welded pipe machinery, heats the newly welded and quenched weld above its critical temperature, and anneals the steel pipe weld to prevent potential cracks. The resulting fine grain structure can ensure that the strong steel pipe meeting all standard specifications can be obtained.
The complete set of on-line annealing equipment for steel pipe welds consists of thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, on-line annealing inductor/mechanical adjustment mechanism, switch cabinet and comprehensive operation table.
1) single machine power and frequency: 25-3000KW,400-8000HZ.
2) thyristor intermediate frequency power supply: controlled by single-chip microcomputer, voltage and current "PI" double-loop regulation, tank circuit adopts tuned full-film capacitor and load matching high-efficiency energy-saving insulated transformer.
3) On-line annealing inductor/mechanical adjustment mechanism: It consists of planar inductor with magnetic conductive material, mechanical adjustment mechanism, capacitor cabinet, etc.
4) Integrated console: functions such as start-stop control of intermediate frequency power supply and temperature control of weld annealing.