Product name: SCR medium frequency induction heating equipment

      DC power::50-2000KW    

      Inverter frequency:0.5-8KHZ

Application field:

      1. Materials of heating objects: various carbon steels and nonferrous metals

      2. Heating object forms: pipe heating, wire heating, bar heating, plate heating, shaft heating, gear heating and plane heating

      3. Heating property: quenching

Main features of thyristor medium frequency induction heating equipment:

      1. The control board is a single board fully integrated control board, which adopts digital trigger, with high reliability, high precision and easy debugging. There are few relay components, and it has strong anti-interference.

      2. The inverter of intermediate frequency heating power supply adopts pure parallel circuit, advanced scanning starting technology, and can achieve 100% starting success rate without selecting starting voltage and starting frequency.

      3. It has ideal current limiting, voltage limiting and inverter angle control circuits, and is equipped with protection circuits such as water pressure, overcurrent and overvoltage, so that the equipment can run reliably.

Reference data

Intermediate frequency power supply series0.5-8KHZ
M.F. Power Supply Series
Power supply profile
Specification model
Rated DC voltage
Rated DC
Rated DC current


DC    A

Maximum peak voltage
Maximum voltage
Length, width and height
L x W x H
KGPS 100 500 200 850 1200x800x2000
(400KW、500KW Shuanggui)
(double cabinets for 400KW and 500KW M.F. machine)
KGPS 160 500 320 850
KGPS 200 500 400 850
KGPS 250 500 500 850
KGPS 300 500 600 850
KGPS 400 500 800 850
KGPS 500 500 100 850
KGPS 750 500 1500 850 1200x1000x2000
(Shuanggui double cabinets)