Product Name: IGBT Super Audio and Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment
Product features:
Power: 50-1000 kW Frequency: 1-80KHz
1. adopt high-power IGBT with reliable quality.
2. The voltage and current double closed-loop PI regulator is adopted, so the constant power output can be guaranteed when the grid voltage changes.
3. The power range is 0-100% stepless adjustable.
4. Pulse width modulation or microcomputer controlled voltage regulating circuit is adopted, which has stable regulation, high precision and small harmonic interference.
5. Phase-locked loop circuit has excellent frequency automatic tracking ability, wide phase-locked range and fast tracking response speed.
6. Perfect protection system such as overvoltage, overcurrent and inverter single bridge overcurrent.
7. The control circuit has soft start and soft stop functions, which will not impact the power grid.