Product name: in-line composite bottom heater
It is mainly used for preheating before pressure welding of composite bottom pot, and can realize the pressure welding process of composite metal pot bottom, commonly known as "backing". The power supply of the heater and the machine tool are controlled by microcomputer, which is an integrated high-tech equipment of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic controlled by multiple sets of microcomputers.
According to the power of the equipment and the number of induction heads, it can be divided into many models.
Technical features of products:
◎ High-power transistor IGBT super audio power supply is used to save electricity and water, which is safe and reliable;
◎ Uniform heating distribution and good product quality;
◎ High heating speed and high production efficiency;
◎ Digital display of working status, convenient operation and maintenance.
◎ Power supply power: 50KW, 100KW, 150KW
◎ power supply frequency: 10-30KHZ
◎ Number of induction heads: 4, 6, 8