Product Name: Rotary Compound Bottom Heater

The accumulation of knowledge and experience, the crystallization of wisdom and diligence, and the combination of theory and practice.

This equipment is a high-tech product carefully developed by our company's scientific research personnel on the basis of fully absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad and summarizing their debugging and maintenance experience for many years. It is mainly used for heating before multi-layer composite bottom pressure contact of stainless steel pot, clay pot, kettle and other dining utensils.

◎ Composite bottom heaters generally include the following three parts:

Introduction of heating power supply

◎Generally, the following three kinds of power supplies are used for domestic existing heaters:

◆ Electronic tube high frequency is the most traditional technology with a history of nearly one hundred years. It uses high-voltage vacuum triode as the main frequency conversion device, and changes the three-phase 380V/50HZ power supply widely used in domestic factories into high-frequency current of tens to hundreds of kilohertz after voltage regulation, voltage boost, rectification, electronic tube self-excited oscillation, and direct isolation. This technology was widely used before 2000, and now it is almost eliminated.

◆SCR medium frequency: SCR, also known as thyristor, English symbol SCR. It uses silicon controlled rectifier to convert the 380V/50HZ power supply into several thousand Hz intermediate frequency current through rectification and voltage regulation, smoothing filter and inverter. It is a frequency conversion technology developed rapidly in 1970s and 1980s. It was widely used in composite bottom heaters in China from 2000 to 2008, and once partially replaced the high frequency of electronic tubes.

◆IGBT Super Audio: Similar to the above thyristor power supply, the difference is that the inverter part adopts the latest high-power transistor IGBT (full name is "insulated gate bipolar transistor") for frequency conversion, which is faster than the thyristor switch and generates higher frequency, generally reaching tens of kilohertz. It is a technology developed rapidly in 1990s. Now it has been widely used in composite bottom heaters, and has basically replaced the above two kinds of power supplies.

However, the newly developed rotary composite bottom heater of our company adopts the unique modulated wave frequency conversion technology which is the first to succeed in China after years of painstaking research by our scientific research personnel. This technology adopts the most advanced high-power switching device "MOSFET" as the inverter element. It absorbs all the advantages of the above three technologies and overcomes their respective shortcomings. It is the latest update product of the heater and will be widely used.

This technology adopts embedded microcomputer as the core and other peripheral devices, and realizes the best adjustment of current changes on the basis of giving full play to the powerful functions of computer software and hardware.

◎ Compared with the original three power supplies, it has the following advantages:

◆Uniform heating and high product quality: because the current output by our equipment is the superposition of several currents with different differences and different frequencies, the induction heating areas and penetration depths of currents with different frequencies are different, so the temperature difference in different areas of the heating plate is much smaller than that of the original three power supplies, so the quality of the bottom of the pot is better;

◆Save electricity and water: because of uniform heating, the power loss caused by excessive local temperature is greatly reduced; Tests show that this equipment saves about 30% to 50% of electricity compared with other three power supplies.

◆Fast heating speed: because of uniform heating, there is no need to worry about local overheating and melting, and the power can be increased as much as possible, so it can be produced at a faster speed.

◎ Compared with the high frequency of electronic tubes, there are several other advantages:

◆ Small size and light weight: because the main power devices (MOSFET) are small, the volume is smaller than that of the electronic tube equipment of the same specification by more than 30%, which saves the space and is convenient for installation;

◆ Easy to operate: it can be started and used immediately, and it is not necessary to preheat before starting or continue cooling after stopping, which greatly reduces the waste of working time.

◆ Safety in use: the electronic tube is a high-voltage device with tens of thousands of volts when working, while the MOSFET is a low-voltage device with the highest voltage peak value not exceeding 500 volts, which generally does not cause personal injury.

Brief introduction of heating machine tool

The equipment adopts rotary structure, and six workpiece support heads are evenly distributed on the cast aluminum turntable, and the turntable rotates at an angle of 60 degrees each time; Pneumatic lifting; Four or five induction heads are installed for simultaneous heating, and each pot bottom is heated four to five times.

◎ Compared with in-line heaters, rotary machine tools have the following advantages:

◆ Each pot is heat by a plurality of induction heads for a plurality of time, and each induction head can be adjusted to gears with different sizes, so that that heat is more uniform, the temperature difference between the center and the edge is small, and the heating effects of all pots are basically the same, thereby ensuring the quality of priming;

◆ Operators can stay in a fixed position without walking back and forth when picking and placing workpieces; The equipment works automatically and circularly, and workers can work in chairs without lifting the arm to press the start button after placing the pot every time, which greatly reduces the labor intensity;

◆ Workpieces are taken and placed outside the turntable, which has large rotating space, convenient taking and placing, unlimited pot height and wide application range;

◆ It is convenient for automatic transformation in the future and further saves manpower.

◎ Compared with rotary machine tools from other manufacturers, it has the following advantages:

◆ Many sensors: other manufacturers usually install three sensors, while we install four or five sensors. In this way, the power burden of each induction head is reduced, it is not easy to burn out, and the temperature at the bottom of the pot is more uniform.

◆ Adopt cast aluminum turntable: other manufacturers' turntables are generally welded by iron plates, which are heavy, easy to rust and difficult to install and maintain; Large mechanical inertia and easy damage to indexer; It is difficult to eliminate internal stress and deform over time. However, we use cast aluminum turntable without the above shortcomings;

◆ Large-diameter cylinder: other manufacturers generally use a cylinder with a diameter of 125mm, while we use a cylinder with a diameter of 160mm, so that the pressure is high, which makes the heating plate contact with the bottom of the pot more closely, with fast heat transfer and less loss.

◆ Adopt embedded microcomputer control, with strong anti-interference ability and high reliability;

◆ Digital display of working status is convenient for operation and maintenance.