Product name: CNC energy-saving all-in-one welded pipe equipment

Component:1. 1 mainstream cabinet, 2. 1 dc drive cabinet, 3. 1 console and 4. 1 cooling system.

Introduction to equipment:
The NC energy-saving all-in-one machine is the latest scientific research achievement of our company's scientific research personnel, and has obtained the national patent (patent number ZL201520767232.X). Its main feature is to use advanced high-power transistors (IGBT) and high-efficiency magnetic core transformers to replace the original thyristors and iron core rectifier transformers.
Scope of application:
Mainly used for welding low carbon steel, high strength steel, alloy steel and other straight seam steel pipes.
Equipment features:
1. High power factor: power factor ≥0.95, no additional reactive power compensation equipment is needed.
2. Less harmonic pollution: generally, there is no need to add harmonic processing equipment.
3. Stable output power: small output ripple coefficient, less burrs of welded steel pipes, more uniform welds and high smoothness.
4. Fast protection speed: fault interlock protection time ≤ 10μ s. Equipment is more reliable.
5. High power supply efficiency: because reactive power loss is reduced, the efficiency of the whole machine is obviously improved.
6. Small size, light weight, simplified connection and convenient debugging and maintenance.
Scope of supply: GGP60KW, GGP100KW, GGP150KW, GGP200KW, GGP250KW and GGP300KW.