Product Name: Series Solid High Frequency Welded Pipe Equipment

Component:1. one rectifier cabinet, 2. one inverter cabinet, 3. one dc drive cabinet, 4. one console, 5. one single cooling air conditioner and 6. one cooling system.

Equipment introduction

      GGP series solid-state high-frequency power supply adopts modern power electronic (AC-DC-AC) conversion technology, which converts three-phase 50Hz AC power frequency into pulsating DC power by rectifier unit, then converts it into smooth DC power by filter unit, and then converts DC power into single-phase high-frequency AC power (100~600kHz) by inverter and sends it to matching transformer to provide energy for series resonant circuit composed of Cao Lu capacitor and inductor, etc. The inductor transmits energy to workpiece in a non-contact way, so as to achieve The power supply adopts high-quality MOSFET module as the core component of inverter, and both rectifier and inverter units adopt single chip microcomputer as the core control device, which has the advantages of stable and reliable circuit, simple operation and convenient debugging.

Scope of application
      Mainly used for welding low carbon steel, high strength steel, alloy steel and other straight seam steel pipes.
Equipment characteristics
      1、No high voltage, safe, reliable and efficient.
      2、Major components are international famous brand products, such as IR, IXYS and Siemens.
      3、Voltage and current double feedback control circuit has stable adjustment, high precision and little interference.
      4、Power range 0-100% stepless adjustable, with overvoltage, overcurrent and other fault protection system.
      5、Digital display of working status, simple operation and convenient maintenance
      6、Good welding quality, uniform weld width and temperature.
Scope of supply