Product name: special solid-state high-frequency equipment for welding aluminum strip and warm edge strip

Component:1. one rectifier cabinet, 2. one inverter cabinet, 3. one speed control cabinet, 4. one operating console, 5. one step-down transformer and 6. one machine

Equipment introduction:

        The equipment uses IGBT element PWM pulse modulation to regulate voltage and power, and then enters the inverter bridge (using high-power transistor MOSFET) to become high-frequency current, which can be used for induction heating welding by supplying the high-frequency current to the load tank. The tank circuit is in the form of series-parallel series resonance, without high voltage and output transformer.
        It is mainly used for welding hollow aluminum strips and automobile warm edge strips.
Equipment advantages:
        1. No high pressure, safe, reliable and efficient.
        2. The main components are imported products, such as IR, IXYS and Siemens.
        3. Pulse width modulation voltage regulating circuit is adopted, which has stable regulation, high precision and small harmonic interference.
        4. The power range is 0-100% stepless adjustable, with overvoltage, overcurrent and other fault protection systems.
        5. Digital display of working status, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
        6. Good welding quality, uniform weld width and temperature, less internal and external burrs.
Scope of supply: