Product Name: High Power Factor Solid High Frequency Welded Pipe Equipment
Component:1. One rectifier cabinet, 2. One inverter cabinet, 3. One dc drive cabinet, 4. One console, 5. One step-down transformer, 6. One single cooling air conditioner and 7. One cooling system.

Introduction to equipment: 

The three-phase full-bridge rectifier circuit composed of six thyristors is stable and reliable. Most of the existing solid-state high-frequency circuits in China adopt this technology and are widely used in the welding of steel pipes and aluminum bars. However, there are some disadvantages such as low power factor and heavy harmonic pollution. In order to make the equipment have minimum harmonic, highest power factor and adjustable output power, we developed PWM switching power supply voltage regulation technology. Its working principle is briefly described as follows: At first, the three-phase power frequency alternating current is changed into direct current through a three-phase uncontrollable bridge rectifier bridge composed of diodes, and a straight direct current voltage is generated by filtering with a large capacitor bank. Then, a high-power switching module IGBT is used for on-off control. Under the condition of constant switching frequency, the average output direct current voltage can be controlled by adjusting the time ratio of on and off. This is the pulse width modulation technology (PWM or chopper technology for short). The variable width pulse DC generated by PWM chopper can provide fast response, stable and adjustable DC voltage and current to the load through reactance or capacitance filtering. 

Scope of application: 

Mainly used for welding low carbon steel, high strength steel, alloy steel and other straight seam steel pipes. Equipment features: 1. High power factor: power factor ≥0.92, no additional reactive power compensation equipment is needed. 2. Less harmonic pollution: generally, no additional harmonic processing equipment is needed. 3. Stable output power: the output ripple is ≤0.2%, and the burrs of welded pipes are more uniform. 4. Fast protection speed: fault interlock protection time ≤ 10μ s. Equipment is more reliable. 5. High power supply efficiency: because reactive power loss is reduced, the efficiency of the whole machine is improved. 

Scope of supply: