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What preparations should be made before starting the quenching machine?

Author:   Source:TENYES ELECTROTHERMAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Date:2020-09-29 
Before starting the quenching machine tool, in order to ensure the correct process and safety, we must make some preparations before starting the quenching machine tool, so what preparations should be made to play a role?
We sort out and summarize as follows: before working every day, we need to check the records during the shift change to check whether there is any obvious damage to the quenching machine, so as to avoid causing greater losses; To check whether the electrical components are complete, we should pay more attention to details, especially for those components, we should check them more carefully. Before operating the quenching machine tool, you should also pay attention to wearing labor protection articles. Never wear loose clothes. For safety, you must pay attention to every detail.
After the completion of the work, it is necessary to check whether there are missing articles and processed workpieces in the machine tool; There is also to observe whether the oil tanks of lubrication system, hydraulic system and cooling system of the machine tool reach the standard liquid level. The maintenance of quenching machine tools is also critical, so a maintenance plan should be made to maintain the machine tools regularly to avoid accidents and reduce losses.
The above introduction is the preparation that needs to be made before starting the quenching machine tool. These preparations are made for better operation, but the most important thing is safety. I hope I can help you after reading the article.
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