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Induction heating equipment reduces energy consumption during steel heat treatment

Author:   Source:TENYES ELECTROTHERMAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Date:2020-09-29 
In China's heat treatment industry, the energy consumption is second only to the iron and steel industry, and the energy utilization rate is very low. The average energy consumption per ton of steel heat treatment is 800KW, which is much higher than the corresponding level in developed countries. High energy consumption not only wastes resources, but also causes environmental pollution and increases carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, saving energy and reducing emissions has become an important task. Rapid heat treatment of steel by induction heating is an advanced technology for energy saving and emission reduction, which should be popularized and applied. Energy saving of solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment in steel heat treatment is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
Direct heating by induced current reduces heat loss
Induction heating method is different from traditional heating method. Induction heating is the direct heating of metal by the resistance heat converted from the induced current generated by alternating power supply. The traditional heating method is to heat metal in the heating furnace by the radiation, convection and conduction of high temperature medium. Therefore, in the process of heating metal, the heat loss of direct heating by induction power supply is lower than that of traditional medium heating in furnace. This is one of the reasons why induction heating reduces heat loss and improves thermal efficiency.

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