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High quality, high quality, welded pipe equipment, high frequency welded pipe equipment company

Author:   Source:TENYES ELECTROTHERMAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Date:2020-09-29 
Baoding Tianyixing Electric Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise reformed in 2002 on the basis of Baoding Tianyi Electric Heating Technology Research Institute established in 1999. It is a business entity integrating R&D, production, technology and service, specializing in the production of induction heating equipment such as high frequency, super audio frequency and medium frequency.
Since the establishment of the company, it has successfully developed many series and varieties of products, and its technical level ranks in the leading position in China, and some products have reached the international advanced level. All products are controlled by microcomputer, with excellent performance, economy and practicality, and all technical indexes are at the leading level at home and abroad. Products are widely used in welded pipe, brazing, smelting (casting), forging, petrochemical industry, tableware, various metal heat treatment (quenching, annealing, tempering) and other fields, which fully meet the requirements of various induction heating processes such as steel pipe welding, metal melting, fusion welding, brazing and hot assembly, and become high-strength pipe pile PC steel bar, aluminum-plastic pipe, wire and cable, hot-rolled steel galvanized. Products sell well all over the country, and some products are exported to Southeast Asia, Western Europe and other countries.
High-frequency straight seam resistance welding steel pipe is produced by heating and melting the edge of pipe blank by skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current after hot rolled coil is formed by a forming machine, and pressure welding is carried out under the action of extrusion roller. The welding process of high-frequency resistance welded steel pipe is different from that of ordinary welded pipe, and the weld is formed by melting the base metal of steel strip body, so the mechanical strength is better than that of ordinary welded pipe. Smooth appearance, high precision, low manufacturing cost and small weld height are beneficial to the coating of 3PE anticorrosive coating. There are significant differences in welding methods between high frequency welded steel pipe and submerged arc welded pipe. Because welding is completed instantaneously at high speed, it is much more difficult to ensure welding quality than submerged arc welding.
Welded steel pipe, also known as welded pipe, is a steel pipe made of steel plate or strip after crimping and welding, with a general fixed length of 6 meters. Welded steel pipe has simple production process, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications and less equipment investment, but its general strength is lower than seamless steel pipe. Since 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip continuous rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the weld quality has been continuously improved, and the varieties and specifications of welded steel pipes have increased day by day, and seamless steel pipes have been replaced in more and more fields. Welded steel pipes are divided into straight welded pipes and spiral welded pipes according to the form of welding seams. Classification by production method: process classification-arc welded pipe, resistance welded pipe, (high frequency, low frequency) gas welded pipe and furnace welded pipe. Straight seam welding is used for smaller diameter welded pipes, while spiral welding is mostly used for large diameter welded pipes. According to the shape of steel pipe end, it can be divided into round welded pipe and special-shaped (square, rectangular, etc.) welded pipe; According to different materials and uses, it can be divided into welded steel pipes for mine fluid transportation, galvanized welded steel pipes for low-pressure fluid transportation, welded steel pipes for belt conveyor rollers, etc. According to the specification and size table in the current national standard, it is sorted by outer diameter * wall thickness from small to large.
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