SCR medium frequency
  • 名称: Diathermy equipment
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Diathermy induction heating equipment

   DC power: 50-2000kW inverter frequency: 0.4-8KHZ

   This equipment is mainly used in round, square steel, rods and other materials through the hot forging heating


   1, constant power regulation, reduce the impact of power fluctuations and changes in charge, heated power stability, melting speed.

   2, the inverter automatically adjust the angle, so try to keep the full bridge rectifier output state, reduce reactive loss and harmonic pollution, high efficiency, the provincial electricity.

   3, with a variety of software and hardware anti-jamming measures, and with a variety of fault detection and protection features, the device can be long-term stability.

   4, zero-pressure start-up, start-up success rate, start safe and convenient operation.

   5, the digital display working status, and maintenance easy and intuitive.




 Pipe anti-corrosion coating before preheating

Dual sensor diathermy equipment

Single sensor diathermy equipment





Diathermy before spring HRC

Diathermy before forging round

Pipe Bending




Square steel before forging diathermy

Through thermal annealing