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Medium frequency induction heating online pipe/tube seam annealing equipment

Online pipe/tube annealing widely used in oil pipeline and other high-quality steel pipe/tube manufacturing.

Steel pipe online welding seam annealing is a kind of advanced technology of high strength steel pipe production, through the online annealing, eliminating welding  residual stress, improve the organizational structure, so that make the welding seam and heat affected zone have the consistent organizational structure, toughness and strength properties with base material.

Pipe  induction annealing equipment is make an induction heating coil as the main part of continuous welded pipe machine, and heated the welding seam which be welded and quenched to its critical temperature or higher, and then finished the steel pipe welded seam annealing to prevent welded seam potential cracks. The resulting fine grain structure to ensure all criteria are met specifications of tough steel pipe.

The online annealing equipment consist of thyristor medium frequency power supply,  online annealing inductor / mechanical adjustment mechanism, switch cabinet  and comprehensive console.

1) Power and frequency: 25-3000KW, 400-8000HZ.

2) Thyristor Medium Frequency Power Supply: single-chip microcomputer control,  voltage and current PI double-loop regulation, the tank using tunable  all film capacitors and energy efficient insulation load matching  transformer.
3) Online annealing inductor / mechanical adjustment mechanical system: consist of plane inductor equipped with magnetic materials, mechanical  adjustment mechanism, capacitor cabinet and so on.

4) Comprehensive console: have the functions of medium frequency power supply start-stop control, welded seam annealing temperature control etc..




Small diameter stainless steel tube  annealing line site

Large-diameter pipe seam annealing line

Working site