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Hardening Machine

   The machine is mainly applied to the induction hardening shaft, disk and shaped parts.

   CNC machine tools quenching system to achieve precise control of speed and position, to the greatest extent possible to meet the requirements of the work hardening process.

   The main characteristics of the machine:

   1. The use of CNC (PLC) system is easy to operate, intuitive display, according to different process requirements of the workpiece, the preparation and storage of various heat treatment process procedures.

   2. The control system reserves quenching and cooling water control interface, the heating and cooling process for full control of the workpiece according to process requirements.

   3. The workpiece rotation frequency control, mechanical main lift drive AC servo drive, the feed rate even accurate, stable quenching quality.

   4. bed with welded steel structure, the overall stress to deal with.

   5. The machine key components are magnetically shielded material corrosion or rust treatment.

   6. The machine quenching methods: continuous spray quench heating, heating spray quench segment and a heated spray quenching.




1.5 m heavy full closed CNC Quenching machine

4000 Vertical quenching machine

Large diameter gear hardening machine