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The main types of quenching machine introduced
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-07

  Quenching  machine is a device frequently used in accordance with the structure  can be divided into two kinds of vertical and horizontal staff can  choose to use according to quench hardening machine technology, this  type of device there are many, will be detailed herein Introduction.

  ① mold surface hardening equipment: mold the appearance of  induction hardening machine belongs to a class of applications CNC heat  treatment technology and equipment in the large automotive panel die  with the large non-circular space surface parts.

  ② circle within the quenching unit: For inner circle kinds of pipe  and mechanical parts whole or partial hardening, say so on the cylinder  liner and sleeve.

  ③ face and the plane quenching device: For face and the flat portion of the overall machine parts or hardened.

  ④ shaped parts quenching device: For some surface-shaped parts whole or partial quenching.

  ⑤ large parts hardening apparatus: mainly for the relatively large  size and heavy weight of large parts of the overall or partial  hardening, say marine gear, dam sluice rail and major oil pipelines.

  ⑥  cylindrical quenching device: For each axis, rods, tubes and parts of  the outer surface of the circular whole or partial quenching.