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Treatment after deformation hardening machine quenching
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-05


Now  quenching machine production technology is very advanced and  complicated repair personnel requirements for quality has become  increasingly high, in order to deal with a variety of problems, control  hardening machine quenching later asked is a very serious distortion, Hardening  Machine Tool quenching occurs after deformation can lead to hardened  layer across the entire rubbed off, less likely to grind straight rail,  making the rail quenching machine substandard quality, will waste a lot  of raw material, the hardware was also thinner, there will be some soft spots appear, and wear resistance is also reduced a lot, this problem should in the end how to do it? There are three main methods below.

  ①  VSR eliminate stress: between quenching machine rail surface hardening  step and subsequent grinding process when the bed VSR VSR is the exciter  fixed to the upper bed, the exciting force of the workpiece a resonance  occurs, Bed appear alternating movement to absorb vibration energy so that  residual force to get a good release, you can enhance the stability of  the bed size.

  ②  using deformation compensation technology: Machine Tool quenching  planing when both ends of the bed of the support, the middle downward  pressure, so the bed to produce the concave deformation, after  processing, the pressure was released, the elastic deformation recovery,  so as to control intermediate rail recessed.

  ③  after deformation processing methods to enhance the bed and quenching  machine guide local joint stiffness is very effective treatment  hardening machine quenching.