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In quenching machine we need to pay attention to what?
作者:  来源:   发布时间:2015-08-04

In quenching machine we need to pay attention to what?

Record 1 case) failed machine model, using the control system model, system software version number ⑴ when the failure occurred.

2) failure of the phenomenon, the site of failure, and when the  machine control system failure phenomena, such as: Are there unusual  sound, smoke, smell and so on.

3) operating mode in which the system failure occurs, such as: AUTO  (automatic mode), MDI (manual data input), EDIT (edit), HANDLE (hand  wheel mode), JOG (manual mode) and the like.

4) If the fault occurs in the automatic mode, the machining program  number should be recorded when a fault occurs, the faulty block number,  the processing tool used its numbers.

5) In the event of poor or ultra-precision contour error is too  large, such as failure, should record number workpiece to be machined,  and retain qualified, the workpiece.

6) In the event of a fault, if the system alarm display, the alarm system will record shows the case of alarm number. Diagnostic images, recording the work state at the time the machine failure. Such as: whether the system is performing M, S, T and so on. Function? Whether the system enters the suspend state or stop state? Whether the system axis in the "interlock" state? Feed rate is at 0%? And so on.

7) The record fails to follow the position of each axis error of "

8) recorded case of failure. Mobile speed quenching machine each axis, the direction of movement, spindle speed, steering. And so on.

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