cookware brazing
  • 名称: Cookware Brazing
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This equipment is mainly used for cookware bottom welding of stainless steel pan, pot, kettle, and also can be used for plane heating of other work-piece.This equipment is an mechanical, hydraulic and electrical integrated equipment controlled by several sets microcomputer.The main performance index takes the leading position at home and abroad.

According to the difference of heating power supply and welding diameters, this equipment can be divided into a variety of models, such as:

Transistor High Frequency Brazing Equipment

Equipment Advantages

1.Using high-power transistor MOSFET, safety and reliability, energy-saving.

2.Uniform heating and good welding quality.

3.Fast heating speed and high production efficiency.

4.Digital display of operating mode,simple operation and easy maintenance


Equipment Specification

Power capacity: 50KW, 80KW, 100KW

Frequency: 200-300KHz

Welding diameter:100-500mm

Vacuum Tube HF Brazing Machine

Equipment Advantages:

1.Using traditional vacuum tube, the technology is mature and reliable.

2.Fast heating speed and high production efficiency.

3.The overall design is reasonable, small electricity loss, and beautiful appearance.

4.Internal pressurizer, low price and small investment.

5.Digital display of operating mode and easy maintenance.

Equipment Specification

Power capacity: 60KW, 100KW, 150KW

Frequency: 200-300KHz

Welding diameter:100-500mm


Model Power supply Description Rated power

Maximum welding diameter

L mm W mm H mm
GPQH-21-60/300 Vacuum tube Single induction head 
Double station
60 280 2450 3100 2000
GPQH-22-100/240 Vacuum tube Double induction head
Double station
100 240 2450 3100 2000
GPQH-21-150/500 Vacuum tube Single induction head 
Double station
150 500 2650 3100 2000
GGPQH-11-50/300 Transistor Single induction head 
Single station
50 280 1350 3100 2000
GGPQH-21-50/300 Transistor Single induction head 
Double station
50 280 2450 3100 2000
GGPQH-21-80/340 Transistor Single induction head 
Double station
80 340 2650 3100 2000

Cooling Tower

 Watert cooling fence 

Induction head

Air-water cooling system




Central coil

High voltage MOSFET inverter bridge

Water cooling system