cookware bottom heating
  • 名称: Straight cookware bottom heating machine
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The equipment mainly used for the pre-heating before cookware bottom pressure welding, and working together with the friction press machine, and then finish the pressure welding process of compound metal, and this process also called “bottoming”. Both heating power source and the machine are controlled by microcomputer, and it is an electric, mechanical and pneumatic integrated high-tech equipment controlled by several sets microcomputer.

Equipment Advantages

1.Using high power IGBT super-audio power source, save electricity, water-saving, safety and reliability.

2.Uniform heating and good product quality.

3.Fast heating speed and high production efficiency.

4.Digital display of operating mode and easy maintenance.

Equipment Specification

Power capacity: 50KW, 100KW, 150KW

Frequency: 10-30KHz

Numbers of induction heads: 4,6,8



 Straight cookware bottom heating machine work site

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straight cookware bottom heating machine work site

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