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Rotary composite bottom heating machine

Accumulation, wisdom and diligence of the theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of the combination product.

This equipment is my company researchers in the fully absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology products and summarizes their years debugging, maintenance experience on the basis of well-developed high-tech products, mainly for stainless steel pan, pot, pots and other utensils catering multilayer composite bottom pressure before James indirect heating.

◎ composite bottom heating machine generally consists of the following three parts:


Heating Power Profile

◎ existing domestic heating machine power generally use the following three ways:

◆ tube high frequency: the most traditional techniques, there are nearly a hundred years of history. It  is the use of high-voltage vacuum triode do master frequency, commonly  used by domestic factories after the three-phase 380V / 50HZ power, the  regulator, Boost, rectifier, tube self-excited oscillation, blocking  other aspects into tens to hundreds kHz high frequency current. In 2000 before the widespread use of this technology, it is now basically close eliminated.

◆ SCR IF: SCR also known as thyristors, English symbol SCR. It  is the use of SCR, the 380V / 50HZ power rectified voltage regulator,  smoothing filter, inverter and other sectors into a few kilohertz  frequency current, it is the 1970s and 1980s, rapidly developed inverter  technology, China in 2000 to 2008s universally used in the composite bottom heating machine, high frequency tube has partially replaced.

◆  IGBT Super Audio: SCR power and said similar, except that the inverter  part of the latest high-power transistor IGBT (an acronym for insulated  gate bipolar transistor) frequency, higher switching speed than the  SCR, higher frequencies, in general up to several tens of kilohertz. Is the nineties developed rapidly technology. Is now widely used in the composite bottom heating machines, it has replaced the two power supplies.

And  my latest successful development of the rotary composite bottom heating  machine, its power is partly based on our scientific research personnel  after years of painstaking research and is the first in a successful,  unique modulation wave inverter technology. The technology uses the most advanced high-power switching devices FET MOSFET the inverter element. Absorb all the advantages of the above three techniques to overcome  the shortcomings of their own, is the latest heating machine replacement  products will be widely used.

This technology uses embedded microcomputer as the core, and with  other peripheral devices, the powerful computer hardware and  software-based fully on the realization of the optimal adjustment of the  current changes.

◎ three power compared with the original, has the following advantages:

◆  uniform heating, high product quality: Different our equipment since  the current output of several large difference in different frequency  current superposition of different frequency induction heating current  in the area, through the heat at different depths, thus heating the  sheet in different regions The temperature difference is much smaller than the original three  power play in the bottom of the pot and therefore better quality;

◆ saving save water: Because heat evenly, greatly reducing the local  temperature is too high due to power loss; after tests showed that the  device than the other three power saving of about 30% to 50%.

◆ heating speed: Due to heat evenly, do not worry about overheating  melting, may try to increase the power of work, which can produce  faster.

◎ high frequency compared with the tube, there are several advantages:

◆ Small size, light weight: As the main power device (MOSFET) are very  small volume compared with the same specifications of the small tube  equipment for more than 30%, saving floor space, easy to install;

◆ easy to operate: namely, that the use, government stop, both without  previous warm-up, do not continue after cooling down, greatly reducing  the work time wasted.

◆ Use Security: belong to the high-pressure tube devices, there are  thousands of volts high pressure at work, and MOSFET for the low-voltage  devices, the maximum peak voltage not exceeding 500 volts, usually does  not cause injury.

Heating machine Introduction

The  device uses a rotary structure evenly distributed six workpiece  supporting cast aluminum head on the turntable, turn the dial every  60-degree angle; pneumatic lift; installation of four or five sensor  head while heating, each pot were confirmed by four to five times heated.



Three inductors heating machine

Four inductors heating machines

 ◎ compared with in-line heating machine, rotary machine has the following advantages:

◆  Each pot was heated by a plurality of induction heads several times,  each sensor head can be adjusted to the size of the different stalls,  thus more uniform heating, the temperature difference between the center  and the edge is very small, all the pot heating effects are basically  the same, so as to ensure the fight quality end;

◆ operation of the workers can stay in a fixed position, do not take  place piece back and forth; the device automatically cycle work, do not  put away after each pot Raise pressing the start button, the workers can  work sitting in a chair, greatly reduces the labor intensity;

◆ take place outside the workpiece are carried on the turntable, giant  slalom space, easy to pick and place the pot low height unrestricted,  wide application;

◆ easy automation of the future, further savings in manpower.

◎ Compared with other manufacturers of rotary machines, there are several advantages:

◆ multi-sensor head: Other manufacturers generally install three sensor head, and we install four or five sensor head. In this way, reduce the power load each sensor head is not easy to burn, and make the pot temperature is more uniform.

◆  cast aluminum turntable: turntable other manufacturers generally use  iron welding processing, heavy, easy to rust, installation and  maintenance difficulties; mechanical inertia, the indexer easily  damaged; difficult to eliminate stress, lack of distortion. And we cast aluminum wheel, without the above shortcomings;

◆ large diameter cylinder: Other manufacturers generally cylinder with  a diameter of 125mm, and we use the 160mm cylinder, thus pressure, the  heating plate and bottom contacts more closely, heat and fast, low loss.

◆ embedded computer control, anti-interference ability, high reliability;

◆ Digital display working status, easy operation and maintenance.



Heating effects

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