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How to prolong the service life of induction heating equipment inductor

Author:   Source:TENYES ELECTROTHERMAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Date:2020-09-29 
In addition to design and manufacturing factors, the service life of induction heating equipment is also closely related to the following factors, so special attention should be paid.
First, the inductor of medium frequency induction heating equipment should be installed correctly
1. The contact plate or flange, whether it is bolt, cam or hydraulic pressure, must be close to the output end of transformer. Both contact surfaces must be clean and free of scale, and more than 60% of the area should be well fitted.
2. The clearance between the effective ring and the workpiece must reach the specified value to avoid short circuit and burn. Therefore, the axis of the effective ring and the axis of the workpiece are as concentric as possible, and the related positioning blocks, plates and workpieces must be kept in parallel or vertical positions.
Second, the heated workpiece should meet the requirements of workpiece size and cleanliness
Residual iron filings are not allowed on the quenching surface of the workpiece; The size of heating surface and positioning surface of workpiece (such as center hole and shaft end face, etc.) must meet the process requirements, otherwise the sensor will be damaged.
Third, it is necessary to clean and wipe the working face of the effective circle in time
Especially, a lot of iron powder will be adsorbed on the side of the magnetizer, which will form a hard shell when adhering to the oil stain.
Fourth, regularly check the size of the effective ring
Regularly check with molds, etc., and correct any out-of-tolerance in time.
Five, the largest current-carrying effective circle should regularly check the water temperature
The maximum outlet water temperature should not exceed 70℃, and the temperature rise should be less than 25℃. The service life of the inductor of medium frequency induction heating equipment ranges from nearly one hundred times to hundreds of thousands of times. According to the frequency of use and the degree of load.
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